Following Your Life’s Purpose

There’s a divine plan for you and your life. Somewhere inside you can feel that this is true. Everything that happens to you serves a purpose. Every situation and every person in your life is there for you and you are there for them. The experience you are having is exactly the experience you need in order to grow and move closer to who you are. It’s all a growth process.

When you are finished with a chapter in your life it’s time to move to the next. There are many perspectives to be seen and many experiences to go through. They all serve a deeper purpose; to reveal the essence of life to you. We already know it but we forget and the quest to rediscover it begins.

Living your life consciously and moving in a direction that is true to your inner wish will keep you on the right path. If you take side roads you will gain experiences and understanding accordingly. The parts are part of the whole. Sooner or later they will lead you back again to your original path.

There’s no need to be dissatisfied about life events. What is happening is serving you in the best possible way. It’s your response that determines your growth. Life lessons are there for us to learn from. They reveal the truth and make us more into who we really are. They give us the best service in order to make our life a success.

Inside you know what is true for you. Find that truth, let it guide you forward and you will be on the path of fulfilling your life’s purpose.

The Essence of Who You Are

Inside you lies the true essence of who you are. The material aspect of it is just a tiny representation of you. You are expressing yourself in this world but the real you is unfathomable by material measures or observations. The real you is much deeper than what this world can comprehend, see or understand. It’s simply beyond it.

There is a connection between the inner and the outer. Anything that exists has a spiritual root that leads to its true essence. Existence itself is spiritual. Therefore everything that exists is connected to the spiritual reality. Everything material is just a play, like an experimentation of creativity and possibilities. It has its source and is connected to the spiritual dimension which is inseparable from life. Nothing can exist without being connected to it. It all comes from the spirit world.

This explains your depth too. The essence of who you are is not comprehensible through the eyes of the material world. It only sees the tiny aspect of you. This not only includes your status, body and looks but also your thoughts and ideas of who you are. Who you are is much greater and beyond all that.

We are constantly directing our awareness outwardly to the world. This is why we don’t see ourselves fully, because we are too much tuned to the material aspect of life. So much that it overshadows our experience. By directing our attention inwardly we move closer to the inner essence and begin to see who we really are.

In conscious awareness of yourself lies the opening into discovering the real you. Your greatness can’t be described successfully but it can be realized through direct experience.

The Miracle of Love

There is a place in your heart where everything falls into place. That place is love and you are carrying it with you all the time. It’s the reason why you exist. If there were no love nothing could be alive. Love is the secret ingredient to life.

Life comes through love and it is expressed in every possible way imagination can come up with. It always seeks to expand and grow to find new ways of being and creating. That is why life is so miraculous. It is made up by the greatest composer and you are part of it. You work like an extended hand which participates in writing the script of the masterpiece. That’s how important you are.

Love has made you and it wants you to further explore and experience the miracle of love and life. That is why you are alive. You are part of the greatest phenomena in existence. You are part of the expansive miracle of love.

You carry love with you in your heart all the time. You can always return to that to fill yourself with the truth of life. The truth is wonderful, wonderful beyond description and it’s found in you, deep within your heart.

The Love within You

Deep inside you are fully complete. There is nothing more to add or do, in the depth of your being you are already perfect.

In this world we are constantly striving to enhance our lives. We might want more money, a better home, satisfying relationships, fame and so on. We want to improve ourselves and arrive at a point different from this one. It seems as we all are searching for something. We have our desires and we believe that they will fulfill us. Our desires can fulfill us but only to a limited extent. When they are reached they will in time cease to have their effect and we will start to look for something else. Look at your own life and see if this is true. Have you accomplished things you really wished to happen? Do you remember how happy you felt? Are you now fully content or have you started to look for something else?

The longing for something else is ultimately the result of being in lack of love. When we are disconnected from love we feel a need for more. Without love we don’t feel complete so we try to make ourselves whole through our desires in this world. That’s an endless struggle. Our desires can never make us whole and we will always feel that we need something more, as long as we seek it in the material world.

What you are looking for is not outside. It is inside, deep within you. You already have what you always wanted. In the depth of your being you are fully complete. Love is within you. You are an expression of it and it wants to expand through you.

When pure love is found we have reached the highest stage. We can still enjoy things in this world but there will not be a need for more. What we do will come from a natural state of exploring and sharing what we have inside. Opening up to the love within and further expanding it by being who we are is the most beautiful thing we can do. It will allow the love to be manifested into this world. It comes through us.

Love can be expressed in many ways. One way is through you. You are an example of it. Be that example and continue to share the love in the unique way it finds through you.

Your Path through Life

Walking your path, your unique path through life is an incredible gift. You have your story, your dreams and you are who you are. The power in that should never be forgotten. You see, that is truly a miracle. You are a miracle. Your path through life is a miracle too. It might not always be as you wish it to be but that’s all right. The ups and downs are part of the miracle. They are continuously letting you explore life in all its aspects and what ever is happening is allowing you to show and reveal, not only to the world but to yourself as well, who you are. Everything is a journey towards discovering that, who you are.

Sometimes we find ourselves losing things we love or like much. That can be extremely painful but it is actually one of our greatest spiritual lessons. When life strips away everything we want or possess it reveals to us that which never can be taken away. That is you.

Life gives us experiences so that we can grow and expand. Difficult life experiences pushes us to look deeper. They eventually lead us to see that everything is ultimately fine, on the deepest level. When that is seen we also see the true beauty of this world.

This Moment

This moment is perfect. A true realization of it will show this to be true. It can be realized when we leave behind all that is preventing us to truly see who we are. When we see who we are we also see our relationship to the world. In that seeing we experience this moment to be perfect, perfect as we discovered ourselves to be. To see it we need to experience this moment as it is without any thoughts or opinions about it. Our thoughts and opinions colours and blurs our view and can make it look far away from how it really is. Experiencing from deeper levels reveals deeper essences and take us closer to see the perfection that is underlying the whole creation.

Freedom Within

You are trouble-free in the depth of your being. Only the mind can know trouble and suffering. It is covering this moment with its own creation made up of thoughts that we take to be true. Some make us happy and some make us miserable. We believe in our thoughts and therefor they have their effect, even if they are untrue. A clear experience of this moment will reveal greater depths about reality than what our minds can tell. It also shows the entrance into a state of freedom as this moment in itself comes with peace and acceptance to what is. That is the foundation to bring peace to our individual lives and to further spread it to the world. That freedom begins with you and it begins with this moment.

Manifesting Your Dreams

All your wishes and dreams lies in you waiting for you to be ready for them to occur. It’s a part of self realization to discover who we are by letting our potentials and abilities manifest in this world. Our dreams will manifest when our inner state becomes harmoniously aligned with them. Then they automatically will begin to grow and blossom in this reality. Dreams do not come to us they come through us. Therefor we need to allow our dreams to be able to come through us by opening the portal in which they can enter. That portal is our inner state.

The Inner State

Through our consciousness we have an experience of the outer reality. Our life experience is not what happens to us, it’s our way of seeing what happens to us and ultimately realizing that our inner state fully determines how the outer reality is shaped and experienced.

The outer reality is a temporary manifestation bound to time. It gives us an opportunity to see the creative process and experience all stages before instant manifestation. In the inner dimension there is no time so there’s nothing to wait for. The dreams are already there fully alive waiting for being discovered and manifested in this and in other worlds.

The material world is made of spiritual energy, pretending to be something else. It’s also a dream come through and you and I are a participating in it. We choose how that dream will continue to be and where it is going.

In the eternal experience of the now lies the true reality, which is completely subjective and internal. That is why the world we experience is inside of us.

Allowing the Dreams to Be

All you are and more is waiting to be realized and manifested in your life experience. All your dreams and wishes lies in you. You are the seed which holds the promise of all your wishes fully bloomed. They are present within you. Open the portal and live that reality. Allow the dreams to be. Through you they will come.

The Core of Our Self

If we at all times, regardless of our outer circumstances, are in the core of our self then we always will be at peace. The core of our self is the true spiritual being that we are which eternally exists in the spiritual dimension. It is the one thing that we never will loose. We will always have our self. Nothing can harm it, it’s beyond the reality in which harm can be.

The astonishing light of our being blesses everyone that sees it. Be that light, it is who you are.

Reconnecting To Love

Love is the deepest point in existence. Yet it’s not a point but a transcendental object ever blissfully expanding in infinite and in unimaginable ways. Love is our true home in the essence of our souls. It’s the source of everything and when we reconnect and align ourselves with it the purpose of our existence reaches its highest stage. When we are connected and aligned with that pure love in our hearts we become vehicles for its innate nature of ever expanding bliss. Then we continue its constant sharing of love and in our unique ways we become expressions of the divine.

Be Who You Are

Being who we are is of highest importance. It’s the foundation for success in any area of life. No matter what we are trying to do or pursue it always starts with us.

All that we ever will accomplish or do comes from our being. The stronger connection we have to our selves the stronger our ability will be to do what we want in the most harmonious way.

Everything emanates from being. All that is have its roots connected to eternal existence, to the being and the source that is completely transcendental and beyond this world.

Be yourself and bless the world with your unique qualities. Success is guaranteed. It’s the top of success to be who you are.

Rising Above Problems

Outer circumstances are temporary. They will in time change. We all know that our body will not live forever. It changes over time and will at some point cease to be. This is the nature of the material world. It’s how it works. It’s bound to time and change.

Problems come and go. When an old problem isn’t considered a problem any longer a new one pops up. It seems like all people are struggling to get to a point where all problems are solved. That’s an endless struggle because there will always be room for imperfection in the material world.

There is a problem-free state. That state isn’t reached by solving our difficulties or problems. Yes, problems are to be solved but life can and should be blissful regardless of our outer circumstances. When we stop identifying ourselves with our problems and difficulties we will gain the power we need to overcome and solve them. We are having this amazing life experience. We can’t spend it being in the grip of our problems. They are to be solved but until they are we need to rise above them so that they don’t drain us of power.

The Problem Free State

You are an eternal spiritual being existing beyond the physical world. It sees the illusion of the material world. By being aware of our own self all problems loose their importance and power over us. When we are aware of our consciousness and of life itself we can’t do nothing but enjoy the great miracle. Coming from this point we have the greatest power to overcome difficulties and to solve problems within the material world. The problem free state is always present within us. By loosing our awareness of it we might drown in the impressions of the material world and might also get stuck in the loop of trying to be content by it.

We can never reach lasting contentment from the material world. That’s ultimately good news because it will push us to look beyond it.

True Happiness

Nothing in the outer reality can bring lasting contentment or happiness. Any person’s life is an example of this. We might achieve or get what we think will satisfy us but after a time it becomes insufficient and the search begins again.

It’s not a matter of what is happening out there, it’s all about our inner state. Our soul has much higher standards than what is found in the material world. Therefor we will never be content with what we can find here.

When we find the wealth of love and happiness within it will be radiated through us to the world. Then automatically how we see and experience the outer reality will change and match our inner state. It’s all within.

You Are a Spiritual Being

The physical creation is spirit in disguise. Spirit takes form and the world is born. The same relationship is true to you and your body. Your body is not who you are, it’s only a temporary manifestation. You are a spirit soul that exists eternally beyond the material world.

Being Lost

Without a clear connection to and awareness of our spiritual self we become lost in this world. When we are lost it’s like dreaming an uncomfortable dream without knowing it’s a dream. We live through our senses and are not aware of what’s beyond them and therefor drowns in all impressions from the material world. In this state we are stuck and are trying to get things in certain ways with the belief that it will make us happy and set us free. We are trying to change our outer circumstances when it’s our inner state that determines how we feel and how our experience will be.

Being Free

Freedom is in the spiritual dimension which is found by looking inwardly. To wake up from the uncomfortable dream we need to step out of the false identification with our bodies and our minds and realize our self beyond the material world.

When we at all times are conscious of our true self nothing in the material world can move us. Being fixed in transcendence we are living from a place beyond it and therefor it has no power over us.

Loss Is a Great Spiritual Lesson

Nothing is harder or more painful than loosing something we love. It could either be fame, a position, relationships, money, health or something else that matters to us. When we experience lack or loss we grieve and can’t believe why it’s happening to us. In the midst of the sorrow of loosing something we love we can’t see that it is of any good. It only feels painful and wrong. How can there be any good about it?


The material world is bound to time. Everything in it has a beginning and an end, it is not lasting. Sooner or later we have to leave everything we have here so why not now?

Experiencing loss will ultimately push us to this realization and it will push us in a new direction. It will show us that what we are looking for is not in the temporary physical creation but in the eternal spiritual world. This is the greatest spiritual lesson we can have. Sometimes to learn the most we have to go through the most difficult lessons. Once they are passed we will feel that it was worth it. Loss is a suchlike lesson.

Loss deepens us, it makes us see from a new perspective. Many successful people have experienced a great degree of loss and sorrow because of it in their lives. It brings something to us and out of it inspiration arises. Look at the word inspiration, there is an explanation in the word itself: inspiration, in spirit. To have inspiration we have to be in spirit and that is what the lesson of loss will show to us. It will help us look inwardly to our spirit instead of only looking outwardly to the world.

To be fully liberated we need to be unattached to the material world and not cling to anything in it. Loss teaches us unattachement and helps us in our path of liberation. What seems to malefic will eventually turn out to be something benefic for us. Death is a good example of this. It is the last loss before our liberation from the material world. It might seem malefic from our current point of view but I am sure it will be of greatest good when the time is right. That is not to say that death by itself automatically will set us free. Self realization will set us free and if we are not self realized at the time of death the quest continues.

Spiritual Connections

We have spiritual connections with souls that we are together with in this lifetime. We have in many cases most likely also experienced many life-times with some of them before. To loose someone close to us is probably the most difficult loss. It is tough to say but we have to know that this is how it works on planet earth. We also have to remember that it’s temporary. The love we have for souls that we are deeply connected with will continue to be. True love will always be. It is above the temporary quality of the material world. Our lifetime here at earth is nothing compared to our eternal existence. We will have many opportunities to meet again and we are always connected through spirit.

The Lesson

Our soul never looses anything. It’s because we don’t know who we are that we experience loss. That sense of loss will ultimately push us and help us to see who we are beyond the material illusion.

There are always something good with everything that happens to us even if we can’t see it. It is as the Ying & Yang symbol; even in the dark side there are still a dot of light within it. Where ever we are the light is always accessible.

If you have something, enjoy it. If you loose something, let it go. This is the nature of the material world, it’s how it works here, it’s temporary. Look for the eternal love beyond the physical creation and you will find what you really are looking for.