The Miracle of Love

There is a place in your heart where everything falls into place. That place is love and you are carrying it with you all the time. It’s the reason why you exist. If there were no love nothing could be alive. Love is the secret ingredient to life.

Life comes through love and it is expressed in every possible way imagination can come up with. It always seeks to expand and grow to find new ways of being and creating. That is why life is so miraculous. It is made up by the greatest composer and you are part of it. You work like an extended hand which participates in writing the script of the masterpiece. That’s how important you are.

Love has made you and it wants you to further explore and experience the miracle of love and life. That is why you are alive. You are part of the greatest phenomena in existence. You are part of the expansive miracle of love.

You carry love with you in your heart all the time. You can always return to that to fill yourself with the truth of life. The truth is wonderful, wonderful beyond description and it’s found in you, deep within your heart.

The Love within You

Deep inside you are fully complete. There is nothing more to add or do, in the depth of your being you are already perfect.

In this world we are constantly striving to enhance our lives. We might want more money, a better home, satisfying relationships, fame and so on. We want to improve ourselves and arrive at a point different from this one. It seems as we all are searching for something. We have our desires and we believe that they will fulfill us. Our desires can fulfill us but only to a limited extent. When they are reached they will in time cease to have their effect and we will start to look for something else. Look at your own life and see if this is true. Have you accomplished things you really wished to happen? Do you remember how happy you felt? Are you now fully content or have you started to look for something else?

The longing for something else is ultimately the result of being in lack of love. When we are disconnected from love we feel a need for more. Without love we don’t feel complete so we try to make ourselves whole through our desires in this world. That’s an endless struggle. Our desires can never make us whole and we will always feel that we need something more, as long as we seek it in the material world.

What you are looking for is not outside. It is inside, deep within you. You already have what you always wanted. In the depth of your being you are fully complete. Love is within you. You are an expression of it and it wants to expand through you.

When pure love is found we have reached the highest stage. We can still enjoy things in this world but there will not be a need for more. What we do will come from a natural state of exploring and sharing what we have inside. Opening up to the love within and further expanding it by being who we are is the most beautiful thing we can do. It will allow the love to be manifested into this world. It comes through us.

Love can be expressed in many ways. One way is through you. You are an example of it. Be that example and continue to share the love in the unique way it finds through you.

Reconnecting To Love

Love is the deepest point in existence. Yet it’s not a point but a transcendental object ever blissfully expanding in infinite and in unimaginable ways. Love is our true home in the essence of our souls. It’s the source of everything and when we reconnect and align ourselves with it the purpose of our existence reaches its highest stage. When we are connected and aligned with that pure love in our hearts we become vehicles for its innate nature of ever expanding bliss. Then we continue its constant sharing of love and in our unique ways we become expressions of the divine.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love means love without conditions. It don’t mean that we love because of this or because of that. It only means that we love. This is pure love. Don’t complicate love because there is nothing simpler. We might think it is complicated and frustrating, heart-breaking or whatever but that’s not love. If you are feeling or thinking that way its probably your physical mind making you believe that you are not loved. This feeling of lack of love is terrible but it’s only our human psyche who is telling us that we are out of love. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are always unconditionally loved. If we don’t feel it it’s because we are filtering out our experience through our mind and listening to its beliefs that most of the time are out of alignment with the truth. We are not seeing, we are not conscious. We are being swayed into darkness by a low state of consciousness that makes us believe in the dream that it is creating and building up. It’s terrible and it’s the reason why we end up collectively in having a world in lack of peace and love. This is of course about to change, if it is our will, to awaken to higher states of consciousness and unconditional love.

Even though we might feel disconnected from love it’s there and it always will be. It’s connected to us at our core. We have free will to choose if we want it or not, if we want to love it back or not. It’s entirely up to us. Love just loves, it don’t requires anything back.

Love and the World

Love connects, integrates and brings people together. Love makes things whole. It also reveals the unity underlying our diversified universe. Now, look how wonderful the English language is, there are hidden gems everywhere in it, as here, “universe”, uni-verse, unified diversity; Our universe is unified diversity. Its core is unified as its core is love which is total unification. At the same time it expands itself in the creation of diversity. This is both a natural truth and a mystery at the same time. It’s beautiful, it really is. Love brings diversity into unity. It also, out of its curiosity, brings unity to diversity and our universe is born.

Love in Relationships

Real love is unconditional. There’s no reason behind it. It just is. To be able to give and receive unconditional love we need to transcend, that means to go beyond, our mind, our thinking and our feelings that are effects of our mind. When we do this, we will heighten our sensitivity and we will be able to give and receive love that are present on a higher plane. It’s just there when everything that is covering it up no longer is in its way. The real beauty is not seen by the mind, it is seen by us, by our spiritual being. It’s our spiritual being which have the ability to give and receive unconditional love.

There’s a person that I really love. We are currently separated by long distance. Even though we are not with each other physically right now my love to her connects me with her. On a higher plane we are together and I feel it. This material life is only a temporary manifestation. Even if we were separated at long times in this lifetime or the whole duration of it, we are always together through our love in eternity. I will always love her no matter what happens. This is the quality of love, real love, and that is unconditional love.