Since a young age I have been interested in understanding the deeper meanings of being alive. This has always been my main interest, it’s the root in my being. Worldly things have never really taken my attention in a serious way. It’s like I am pretending to be part of the game but deeply my focus is mostly beyond it.

The connection between the inner spiritual reality with the outer physical creation is what makes things real. That’s the beauty of the material world. It’s connected to the inner reality from which everything emanates.

Many people are only aware of the physical aspect of their life experience, decoding it mostly or only with their senses. There is nothing wrong with exploring the physical aspect within life but it’s a very limited experience.

The intention of this blog is to uplift and inspire you to look beyond the superficiality and make connection with who you are. That will enable you to be aware of and express the love, happiness and life-force that is in the core of your being.

I am currently working on a book that will more elaborately go deeper on what is discussed in this blog. If you like the material you find here you will probably enjoy the book too.

If something doesn’t resonate to you please don’t take my word. My teaching is not the absolute truth, it’s only a reflection of my current understanding and realization. My highest wish is that you will find out the truth for yourself. After all, that’s the only way it can happen.

/Mathias Semborg

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  1. Good day and God bless. I was amazed that in your young age you were able to share to the world your wonderful experience. Im now 57 and newly aware of what is happening in my life. Yes you said it right and i am one of them living my life in the physical world not understanding its connection to the inner world. I know its not yet late and I’m trying my best to catch up with the time. Thank you very much and Im really excited to hear from you again.

  2. Hello Cora,

    Thank you for your comment, it warmed my heart.

    You are right, it’s never too late to discover the connection to the inner world. The inner world is always there no matter how old we are and since it transcends time it is always accessible.

    Even our journey in the physical world is part of rediscovering our true home within.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Kind regards,

  3. Dear Mathias,

    Read the articles you have written.

    I liked them all. What you have written is all true. I wish you read about Saibaba who is incarnation of God Himself. I am sure you would love to know about Him and His teachings.



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