Making Your Dreams Come True

Every moment holds the promise of a life you dream of. Your dreams are like seeds lying in your soul and they naturally want to grow, flourish and reach full bloom.

A seed holds the promise of a tree. No one knows how it works, it just happens. The same is true to you and your dreams. You don’t need to know how everything will work out, when the time is ready it will just happen.

Dreams comes from within. Our lives always reflect back to us our inner state. Our experience can’t be happy if we are not happy inside. In that way our inner state determines how life is experienced. The way we choose to see is co-creating our experience.

Our dreams will happen when we first feel fully complete in ourselves and in our surroundings no matter how they look. When we feel complete inside we allow the seeds of our dreams to awaken, grow and flourish. Then we will be in a state of inspiration and the right actions will come spontaneously.

The way of being and experiencing is the act of making a dream come true. It comes to life through you. Therefor you can and have the power to make your life as you dream it to be.

The dream is real, it already exists in you. You are here to discover it and make it happen.

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