Change Begins Within

If you want to change something in your life situation you need to begin with changing yourself. That is the only way it can happen. How you experience your life is a reflection of your inner state and that is only what you have control over. Everything else is a result of how you are.

No matter how things look to you the only way to make a change is to first change yourself. When you do, a power from within arises and you will begin to think and act in a new way. That new way instantly changes how things look and it will in time either make things resonate with you or bring change according to your new way of being.

The deeper connection we have with ourselves the greater power we have. A harmonious state is reached when we rest and act from the depth of our being. Then the true essence of life, which is love and harmony, becomes active and alive in us. By coming back home to that, life will begin to reflect back to us what we have found within. It will not only give us a peaceful mind and heart but also the greatest power for change.

Your life experience and situation will continue to be as it is as long as you stay the same. To bring about change you need to change first and then life will follow along with you on your new path.

It all begins with you.

2 thoughts on “Change Begins Within

  1. It is truely true!

    I wonder if one would even like to get what they want from life, before they are capable of giving it to themself. To ever depend on a lifeline that life will give you what you need. But if you are able to give it to yourself then you will be able to manage different situations. I don’t think that any of us really wants life to give us love, before we can give it to ourself. To let life give us a break, before we can give it to ourself. Because when YOU give yourself a break, you will be in control of your own life.

    And then you will be able to embrace all the lovely things you want in life in a true way I guess :) Because then you won’t be in a exacurated hurtfull way, depended on it. You will be in a balance between loving yourself and using the tressures in life in a healthy way I guess :)

    Mathias you are one of the wisest people I know, I love reading your texts. You are a true writer, one of the best. Absolutely extraordinarily skilled in the art of writing and delivering a message straight in to your heart. I know you and I know we are both human. But your texts seem to have all the answers in life allready, your texts seem to be already perfected.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment Sammi and thank you for your very kind words about my texts and my writing. It feels really good to receive such good critics and appreciation. Thank you :)

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