The Love within You

Deep inside you are fully complete. There is nothing more to add or do, in the depth of your being you are already perfect.

In this world we are constantly striving to enhance our lives. We might want more money, a better home, satisfying relationships, fame and so on. We want to improve ourselves and arrive at a point different from this one. It seems as we all are searching for something. We have our desires and we believe that they will fulfill us. Our desires can fulfill us but only to a limited extent. When they are reached they will in time cease to have their effect and we will start to look for something else. Look at your own life and see if this is true. Have you accomplished things you really wished to happen? Do you remember how happy you felt? Are you now fully content or have you started to look for something else?

The longing for something else is ultimately the result of being in lack of love. When we are disconnected from love we feel a need for more. Without love we don’t feel complete so we try to make ourselves whole through our desires in this world. That’s an endless struggle. Our desires can never make us whole and we will always feel that we need something more, as long as we seek it in the material world.

What you are looking for is not outside. It is inside, deep within you. You already have what you always wanted. In the depth of your being you are fully complete. Love is within you. You are an expression of it and it wants to expand through you.

When pure love is found we have reached the highest stage. We can still enjoy things in this world but there will not be a need for more. What we do will come from a natural state of exploring and sharing what we have inside. Opening up to the love within and further expanding it by being who we are is the most beautiful thing we can do. It will allow the love to be manifested into this world. It comes through us.

Love can be expressed in many ways. One way is through you. You are an example of it. Be that example and continue to share the love in the unique way it finds through you.

7 thoughts on “The Love within You

  1. Dear Mr. Meathias Semborg,

    I am so much impressed on what you wrote, I say God richly bless you and may He continue to opening your inner man and give you insight so that you will know the truth and tell or say the truth.

    For Jesus love so dearly

    • Hi Henrietta,

      Thank you for your comment. I am happy to hear your appreciation. It inspires me to write more. My hope is to continue to share insights that can help and inspire others to come closer to the truth within.

      Kind regards,

  2. I read your thoughts and really impressed .You wrote so well and i hope you will continue it .I think you are are blessed child of supreme god and wish you all goodness in your life . Lots of blessings

  3. Thank you Suchita Sharma for your comment and kind words. I’m happy to hear your appreciation. It feels good to know that there are people who like my work. I will continue to write and more is coming in the near future.

    Many thanks and best wishes,

  4. It is so nice to see you talk about this in your own fantastic way. This post is about something I think about alot in my own live. I really feel you see these kind of things in life in a complete way, like you have researhed it from top to toe. But you do it in your own unic way. In no way I would be able to do it exactly the same. This gives me something that is really valuable to me, that I never could have created myself.

    I think we value material things because we want to be happy, and I think wanting to be happy is essentially the same as loving yourself, or the love within you. So wanting for material values origianally comes from a source that is healthy. Hovever sometimes I think we forget that source, and get lost/stuck in the material aspect to much, and we get a bit too obsessed with it.

    Mathias you are so wise!!!! And write so beutifully you have no idea!!

  5. Thank you very much Zinnix for your kind and insightful words.

    All that we are searching for is to make ourselves whole. We are constantly trying to change outer circumstances in order to feel complete. I think you put it very well when you said that we sometimes forget the source within and instead we get lost and stuck in the material aspect of life. Then we are trying to reach and find something in it which is actually beyond it.

    There’s nothing wrong in pursuing goals in the material world. We just need to remember that our true goal is much bigger than that.

    Only love can make us whole and it is the essence of who we are.

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