Your Path through Life

Walking your path, your unique path through life is an incredible gift. You have your story, your dreams and you are who you are. The power in that should never be forgotten. You see, that is truly a miracle. You are a miracle. Your path through life is a miracle too. It might not always be as you wish it to be but that’s all right. The ups and downs are part of the miracle. They are continuously letting you explore life in all its aspects and what ever is happening is allowing you to show and reveal, not only to the world but to yourself as well, who you are. Everything is a journey towards discovering that, who you are.

Sometimes we find ourselves losing things we love or like much. That can be extremely painful but it is actually one of our greatest spiritual lessons. When life strips away everything we want or possess it reveals to us that which never can be taken away. That is you.

Life gives us experiences so that we can grow and expand. Difficult life experiences pushes us to look deeper. They eventually lead us to see that everything is ultimately fine, on the deepest level. When that is seen we also see the true beauty of this world.

4 thoughts on “Your Path through Life

  1. dear,
    Thanks for your writings.Your writings tries to find out”who am I”.Is it possible to know IT?walking on the way towards “I”is
    endless but the experiences we gather is joyful .This joyfulness is the pure love which we seek for.If we can keep ourselves all the time joyful that is the greatest achievment in our life.But how this mirth can be realized.No desire, no fear if we can contain in our mind then it is possible to know “who and what I am.”

    • Thank you very much for your comment Shyamal. That’s a very good question. Is it possible to know who you are? Yes it is, but it’s only possible through experience. An intellectual knowing of who you are can never fathom the depth of the truth. Even if it could it could never give it to you unless you experienced it for yourself.

  2. It was so nice to be able to sit down and enjoy someone else telling you what you just told. And in such a beutiful way. So enlightening and so encouraging.

    I also enjoyed your answer to shyamal alot.

    Sometimes when I feel unesured about the path of my life, I think back to my childhood and who I were, and who I wanted to be. As a child I was so innocent i think. So doing this reminds me of this purer source of my self. I can never be taken away from who I am, and I will always maintain.

  3. Thank you very much for comment Zinnix. You are so right, you will always be who you are and that can never be taken away from you. Even when time, space and physical form changes you always remain the same within. It’s beautiful how memories can point to this realization too.

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