This Moment

This moment is perfect. A true realization of it will show this to be true. It can be realized when we leave behind all that is preventing us to truly see who we are. When we see who we are we also see our relationship to the world. In that seeing we experience this moment to be perfect, perfect as we discovered ourselves to be. To see it we need to experience this moment as it is without any thoughts or opinions about it. Our thoughts and opinions colours and blurs our view and can make it look far away from how it really is. Experiencing from deeper levels reveals deeper essences and take us closer to see the perfection that is underlying the whole creation.

Freedom Within

You are trouble-free in the depth of your being. Only the mind can know trouble and suffering. It is covering this moment with its own creation made up of thoughts that we take to be true. Some make us happy and some make us miserable. We believe in our thoughts and therefor they have their effect, even if they are untrue. A clear experience of this moment will reveal greater depths about reality than what our minds can tell. It also shows the entrance into a state of freedom as this moment in itself comes with peace and acceptance to what is. That is the foundation to bring peace to our individual lives and to further spread it to the world. That freedom begins with you and it begins with this moment.

6 thoughts on “This Moment

  1. Tjennare, jag kom in på din blogg via ett forum, har börjat läsa en hel del om gnosticism, spirituellt uppvaknande, khabbalah och så vidare, har varit ganska död för det innan. Men av någon anledning har jag börjat söka efter det. Mest för jag är intresserad av ämnet. Så jag tänkte bara slänga in en positiv kommentar av det du har skrivit, det är väldigt bra. Take care !

    • Hej!

      Jag blir väldigt glad av din uppskattning. Det känns jättekul att skriva när jag vet att någon läser det och dessutom tycker om det. Det inspirerar mig att skriva mer. Tack! :)

    • Hi Phillia,

      Thank you for your comment. To go into depth of the power of now requires that you go beyond all explanations. It is about being who you are. That is the foundation of existence. The aim of my writing is to point you in that direction. Of course, it’s not really a direction and on the deepest level, you are already there.

      I hope my continued writing may reflect your wish in some way.

      Kind regards,

      • It always feels complicated, watching your thoughts, feeling the inner energy and all that. I would just like to know how you were able to reach the self reliazation.

        • I don’t consider myself to be self realized. I just am who I am. My writing material is about inspiring you to be more of who you are, it’s about realizing the inner dimension and connecting deeply with your soul. As I write more hopefully the texts will carry an energy with the power to explain and direct your awareness to what I am talking about.

          If what you are trying to do feels complicated it might add unnecessary pressure. You could try to not do it when you feel that way. The true path back home is natural and effortless.

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