Release the Past with Love

Is your past making your life miserable? Do you have an unhappy personal story that keeps you feeling down? The past is gone and no matter what have happened to you it’s time to release it.

Difficulty Deepens Us

Hard life lessons are there for us to grow and awaken. The most difficult and painful life experiences have deep and powerful effects and rewards us greatly once we have mastered what they are there to show us.

Going through hard experiences deepens us and makes us see everything from a new broadened perspective. It’s important to remember that the light is always present within, accessible even during dark times.

Making the Shift

To create a happy life we need to move away from negativity and move towards positivity. Even if the past has been really cruel it needs to be released so that we can focus on what is here now. Clinging to the past and complaining about it takes us nowhere.

Release the past with love. It’s not here anymore, it’s gone. Awaken to what is and put your energy and power where it needs to be. The past has shown us what we don’t want, now it’s time to bring forth what we do.

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