Manifesting Your Dreams

All your wishes and dreams lies in you waiting for you to be ready for them to occur. It’s a part of self realization to discover who we are by letting our potentials and abilities manifest in this world. Our dreams will manifest when our inner state becomes harmoniously aligned with them. Then they automatically will begin to grow and blossom in this reality. Dreams do not come to us they come through us. Therefor we need to allow our dreams to be able to come through us by opening the portal in which they can enter. That portal is our inner state.

The Inner State

Through our consciousness we have an experience of the outer reality. Our life experience is not what happens to us, it’s our way of seeing what happens to us and ultimately realizing that our inner state fully determines how the outer reality is shaped and experienced.

The outer reality is a temporary manifestation bound to time. It gives us an opportunity to see the creative process and experience all stages before instant manifestation. In the inner dimension there is no time so there’s nothing to wait for. The dreams are already there fully alive waiting for being discovered and manifested in this and in other worlds.

The material world is made of spiritual energy, pretending to be something else. It’s also a dream come through and you and I are a participating in it. We choose how that dream will continue to be and where it is going.

In the eternal experience of the now lies the true reality, which is completely subjective and internal. That is why the world we experience is inside of us.

Allowing the Dreams to Be

All you are and more is waiting to be realized and manifested in your life experience. All your dreams and wishes lies in you. You are the seed which holds the promise of all your wishes fully bloomed. They are present within you. Open the portal and live that reality. Allow the dreams to be. Through you they will come.

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