The Miracle of the Now

Everything changes in the material world. In fact every moment is a totally new moment. Even if you have seen a flower a thousand times before, looking at it again will be a whole new experience. A child lives in this way. They live in a way as if what they are doing is the first time they have ever done it. It’s a great secret and it is true, it is the first time, always. The now is always new. That is why children are excited and happy because anything that comes to them are of interest. It means something to explore, something to experience, something to interact with, something to play with. We can live our life in this way too. That don’t mean that we become childish but it means that in the curiosity for life we become childlike again.

There really aren’t a multiple of moments, there are only one, this one. With the knowing of the constant change and newness within the now we can always change with it in a positive direction. It is our choice what to do with it.

This moment is amazing just as it is. Children are amazed about every moment, it is a miracle to them. We can also see the miracle, and we will do when we enter the now.

Our Gift to the World

We are all unique expressions of our source. At our core we are connected. When we awaken we will see in others the same love that is in the essence of our being. We will see and realize that we are a family. Then we automatically out of love wants to do good and be of service to others. This will transform our world.

It starts on an individual level. We need to for a moment redirect our attention to our own consciousness and observe our self. Once we have cleared everything that is blocking our connection and we have a direct experience of our self at all times then we become channels in which the spiritual can manifest itself in the material world.

The best thing we can do for this transformation to happen is to be ourselves. It is the greatest gift we can give to the world.

The Present Moment

The miracle of life is happening now. It will always be happening now, it’s the only place for it to happen. The past and the future are also in the now, just seen from different points of views. In this moment you are seeing the now from this perspective.

Nothing exists outside of the now, there’s no outside of it, it’s all-embracing. The miracle will never go away, it will always be right here right now.

Inner Happiness

There will always be room for a negative or critical view within the material world. That’s how the material realm is, it’s fallible, but it’s only fallible until we balance it by bringing the spiritual quality to it, then it becomes whole.

We are here to balance the outer material with the inner spiritual. We do this by being ourselves and in that way allow ourselves to be channels in which the inner can manifest itself in the material world.

Our view of the world can either be negative or positive depending on our state of consciousness and how we choose to see it. Even the most beautiful house with a perfect garden and amazing views could be negatively criticised and not enjoyed. That’s how the material world is. It all depends on us. We think we are finding the joy in the material world and that’s to some degree true but it’s only temporary.

Real happiness lies within and don’t require any circumstances to be in a certain way. It’s all about our state of being, our state of consciousness. We can choose to be happy at any time. It’s all within us.

The more lost we are in the material world the more trouble we are having with finding joy and happiness because we believe we have to find it out there when it always is right here right now.

Never loose you inner happiness. Once you acquired the power to be happy and not be negative you will not loose yourself in the material world again, not even if you became a multi-millionaire.

Surviving the Human Psyche

The most dangerous thing currently present on our planet is the human psyche. Watch the news and you will understand what I mean. It’s not only responsible for the terrible chaos and dysfunction it creates on a collective level, it’s also responsible for our personal disharmony and suffering within our own life experience. The two go together; what’s on the individual level is what makes up the collective. To achieve lasting peace and happiness both individually and collectively we need to heal the root of the problem. The root of the problem is lack of consciousness resulting from false identification with the illusory mind-made sense of self. When this false identification happens our human psyche runs our life instead of we using it for what it is, a tool.

Your Mind Is a Tool

You are not your mind, it’s only a tool. As a matter of fact it’s a wonderful tool. It enables us to think, perceive ideas and decode things in the material world. We can’t live here without it, we need it to be able to put food in our own mouth, still this article is entitled “Surviving the Human Psyche”. Let me explain why.

With too much attention on our minds we are falling in the great suffering trap of humanity. We loose ourselves and drowns in the mind-made picture of how everything is. It also, and this is what’s most dangerous, makes us believe that it’s who we are. When we are at this level it runs our lives. The tool has taken control. Of course, a tool without anyone controlling it can be very dangerous.

Beyond Our Mind

Seen from the minds perspective life can be hell. It has so many beliefs that limits and thinks that it has to do everything itself. It think it’s in charge and tries to do a job it’s not designed for.

Our real self is beyond our mind. Our mind is a part of us, but it is only a part, it’s not our whole being. There are higher aspects of our being but through false identification with our mind these are not seen and are not fully channeled into the material manifestation.

How to Survive the Human Psyche

To survive the human psyche we need to step out from our identification with it. We need to transcend the mind, that means to go beyond it. It’s not that we have to stop using our mind, it needs to be used and it’s nothing wrong about using it. What we need to do is to start observing it. Observing it means that we are conscious. It means that we are stepping out of the identification and have our eyes opened which let’s us see everything from a higher perspective. This opens up a new dimension. Our dream in thought is observed and our eyes are being opened. This will let us see the world in a new light. When this transformation happens our minds will loose their grips around us and we will feel free. All limitations and false beliefs our minds are making up will loose their importance and will no longer affect us. From this free state we have the potential to be who we are and it enables us to create a life and a world we wish to live in.

You Are probably Doing Your Best

It’s not always things comes out the way we would like. We maybe have good intentions behind our actions and our behaviour but even then things might surprise us in a negative way. From our part we see only that we did the best thing we could do. Most of the times this is the case, assuming our intentions behind our behaviour were to do good. Even though this is so people around us might not agree. At the time, in our state of consciousness what we were doing was the best thing we saw we could do. So don’t feel bad if this happens to you, you were to your ability probably doing the best you could do. The great spiritual master Jesus understood this when he said:

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34)

He could see, that they couldn’t do better because of their lower state of consciousness. They believed that they were doing the best thing they could do. Even if what they were doing was wrong Jesus out of love forgave and told us to do the same.

The World as We See it Is a Reflection

What we perceive in our life experience is a reflection of ourselves. Everything we look at, experience and feel is our version of it. It’s not that we see it as it is, we see it as we see it to be. We are in that sense co-creating it. We are the wholeness and the level of realization of it determines how the reflection will look like. This means that we are not seeing the whole picture as it is until we fully are ourselves. We see it through how we are at the moment of seeing it. It’s a reflection. This is how we co-create our reality. In order for our circumstances and relationships to be harmoniously aligned with what we want we need to harmoniously align our relationship with ourselves first. Then automatically circumstances and relationships will be in harmony with who we are and what we prefer, it will reflect that back. That’s why Mahatma Gandhi said:

“We must be the change we want to see in the world.”

It’s not that we need to change the circumstances and our outer reality, it will change instantly when we become who we are. Why is that so? Because we co-create the world and it is manifested in the way we are, it’s a reflection. Don’t look in the reflection and think it needs to be changed, look at yourself and change. The reflection can’t do anything but change with it.

We Are not Alone

Having this life experience in this material world can often feel very lonely. Even if we have people around us it’s only we ourselves who feels the way we do. I remember a time when I felt very lonely. I was driving my car on empty roads free from traffic in the forest. I was actually going to a village about 30km (that’s about 18 miles) away to buy food. (That’s how it is when you are living in a rural area in northern Sweden). It was a very special kind of loneliness, I was thinking about my life and a thought came to me, that I would like to share my exact experience with someone else, meaning that I would like others to feel exactly what I felt at that moment. Not to be with me in the car but to have my experience fully, like being me. I had many strong feelings, it was sadness, loneliness, beauty and happiness all mixed together at once. The music that I was playing in the car stereo and the nature around me amplified all emotions. It was beautiful. I couldn’t understand that only I was having this experience. I was so amazed that this was only given to me. It was a very emotional moment in my life. I asked why that was so and a conversation began. I was being told that this is not the case. There are many who are having my experience, higher parts of my own being that are my higher self and other beings as well. We are truly never alone. We are together with and are being supported by higher parts of our being and by other beings as well, and yes, they know what we are experiencing.

I never want to smack beliefs into somebody, so of course this is my personal realization. I just felt I wanted to share it. Process it in what ever way you find is appropriate.

Exploration of the Now

Our current life experience is to see the now from a certain perspective. The now is always the same, we are only looking at it from different perspectives. It is not that we change the now to be something else, it is always how it is. When our circumstances are changed we are still living in the now but seeing it from a different perspective. How wonderful it is, at every moment, to explore all infinite possibilities the now has for us. The question might arise why we are seeing the side of the now as we are, especially when going through difficult times. There’s always good reasons behind everything. We need to see the goodness that is hidden there and trust that what is happening is happening for a good reason. We are always given the experiences that are needed for us to awaken. It doesn’t matter if they feel good or bad. For us to be able to awaken we might need to be shaken until we realize that we don’t need to live the way we are doing. It is often in terrible or horrifying situations people change the most. For example when someone looses a kindred or going through a crisis. This often after a time becomes a turning-point. It deepens us and makes us see what really matters.

We Choose the Effect

At every moment, whatever we experience we choose whether it will be positive or negative. It is entirely our choice, no matter the circumstances we always have the power to choose what it will do for us. The effect it will produce could either be positive or negative. It is not the circumstances that controls us it is how we are, think and what we do about it that determines what effect we will get out of it.

Accepting this Moment as it Is

This moment is already full in itself. There’s nothing that needs to be added to it. When we are conscious and really sees this moment as it is we will discover the miracle of life. When we awaken to the now we are simultaneously taken to a state where all power lies. It is from this state everything is created and it is from this state we have the power to be who we are and transform our lives to our preference. To accept what is don’t mean that change is not possible. It means that we are taken to a state of consciousness where we feel and see the divinity of life. This allows us to be who we are and by that our life experience will change instantly.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love means love without conditions. It don’t mean that we love because of this or because of that. It only means that we love. This is pure love. Don’t complicate love because there is nothing simpler. We might think it is complicated and frustrating, heart-breaking or whatever but that’s not love. If you are feeling or thinking that way its probably your physical mind making you believe that you are not loved. This feeling of lack of love is terrible but it’s only our human psyche who is telling us that we are out of love. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are always unconditionally loved. If we don’t feel it it’s because we are filtering out our experience through our mind and listening to its beliefs that most of the time are out of alignment with the truth. We are not seeing, we are not conscious. We are being swayed into darkness by a low state of consciousness that makes us believe in the dream that it is creating and building up. It’s terrible and it’s the reason why we end up collectively in having a world in lack of peace and love. This is of course about to change, if it is our will, to awaken to higher states of consciousness and unconditional love.

Even though we might feel disconnected from love it’s there and it always will be. It’s connected to us at our core. We have free will to choose if we want it or not, if we want to love it back or not. It’s entirely up to us. Love just loves, it don’t requires anything back.

Love and the World

Love connects, integrates and brings people together. Love makes things whole. It also reveals the unity underlying our diversified universe. Now, look how wonderful the English language is, there are hidden gems everywhere in it, as here, “universe”, uni-verse, unified diversity; Our universe is unified diversity. Its core is unified as its core is love which is total unification. At the same time it expands itself in the creation of diversity. This is both a natural truth and a mystery at the same time. It’s beautiful, it really is. Love brings diversity into unity. It also, out of its curiosity, brings unity to diversity and our universe is born.

Love in Relationships

Real love is unconditional. There’s no reason behind it. It just is. To be able to give and receive unconditional love we need to transcend, that means to go beyond, our mind, our thinking and our feelings that are effects of our mind. When we do this, we will heighten our sensitivity and we will be able to give and receive love that are present on a higher plane. It’s just there when everything that is covering it up no longer is in its way. The real beauty is not seen by the mind, it is seen by us, by our spiritual being. It’s our spiritual being which have the ability to give and receive unconditional love.

There’s a person that I really love. We are currently separated by long distance. Even though we are not with each other physically right now my love to her connects me with her. On a higher plane we are together and I feel it. This material life is only a temporary manifestation. Even if we were separated at long times in this lifetime or the whole duration of it, we are always together through our love in eternity. I will always love her no matter what happens. This is the quality of love, real love, and that is unconditional love.

Willpower Is the Key to Make Intentions Manifest

The Power of Will

Willpower is required to do everything we do. In order for us to even move our hand up in the air willpower is required. Without willpower we can’t do anything. It is willpower that makes things happen. The world is happening because of a higher will. It is the greatest creating power there is. You have that power too. Else you would not be able to read this. With this knowing I ask you: what will you do with your life?

Actions Is Required

Even though we are spiritual beings we live in a physical world and are having a physical life experience. Our material existence seems so hard and limited and it is. In other worlds and dimensions other standards are valid. It is a great spiritual practice to live in such a limited world as this. It’s a beautiful thing from this situation come back to the realization of our power which is limitless. When we see it from a spiritual perspective the hardness begins to loosen. The limitations of the physical world will begin to loosen when we start to use our willpower. It will lead us to action. Action is required and willpower is what will make it happen.

Make Your Dream Happen

If you really want something you will do what ever it takes to get it. That’s the power of will. It is the guiding power that pushes you with energy and makes you keep walking and finding new paths and new ideas to reach your goals. Maybe it looks impossible but the power of will is so strong that it can make the impossible possible by constantly pushing you forward. With this power you are being taken to new positions that makes you see everything from new angles. In this way you are constantly being provided with novelty. Novelty is important, it means something new, and that is what you are looking for. Your dream will come true when you start using the power of will. It is the final step in manifesting your desires.

Everything Is Within

In spiritual teachings we are often being told that the truth lies within. But where’s within? And what’s outside?

Everything is within. In and through our consciousness we have an experience of the outer reality. In itself, what we call the outer reality is an illusion. It is the experience of it which is real. The outer can not exist without a consciousness observing it. It is in and by the consciousness reality is born.

The inner and outer are not separate from each other. To look within is to get closer the source of everything. To look in the outside is to see its manifestation.

We are not in the world. The world is in us.