Following Your Life’s Purpose

There’s a divine plan for you and your life. Somewhere inside you can feel that this is true. Everything that happens to you serves a purpose. Every situation and every person in your life is there for you and you are there for them. The experience you are having is exactly the experience you need in order to grow and move closer to who you are. It’s all a growth process.

When you are finished with a chapter in your life it’s time to move to the next. There are many perspectives to be seen and many experiences to go through. They all serve a deeper purpose; to reveal the essence of life to you. We already know it but we forget and the quest to rediscover it begins.

Living your life consciously and moving in a direction that is true to your inner wish will keep you on the right path. If you take side roads you will gain experiences and understanding accordingly. The parts are part of the whole. Sooner or later they will lead you back again to your original path.

There’s no need to be dissatisfied about life events. What is happening is serving you in the best possible way. It’s your response that determines your growth. Life lessons are there for us to learn from. They reveal the truth and make us more into who we really are. They give us the best service in order to make our life a success.

Inside you know what is true for you. Find that truth, let it guide you forward and you will be on the path of fulfilling your life’s purpose.

3 thoughts on “Following Your Life’s Purpose

  1. I never agreed with the though that life is good. But boy does it put you where you need to be, in the most brutal way. Trying to desypher life riddles can be a rewarding experience in itself and give you a purpose and something fun to do meanwhile you wait for the day you find yourself where you want to be. Embracing what life wants to tell you is not fun when life is so hard towards you, therefore you should only try to understand life for your own sake. You don’t owe life anything, only yourself. Try to unlerstand life only because it makes it a little bit easier for yourself when you do.

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