The Essence of Who You Are

Inside you lies the true essence of who you are. The material aspect of it is just a tiny representation of you. You are expressing yourself in this world but the real you is unfathomable by material measures or observations. The real you is much deeper than what this world can comprehend, see or understand. It’s simply beyond it.

There is a connection between the inner and the outer. Anything that exists has a spiritual root that leads to its true essence. Existence itself is spiritual. Therefore everything that exists is connected to the spiritual reality. Everything material is just a play, like an experimentation of creativity and possibilities. It has its source and is connected to the spiritual dimension which is inseparable from life. Nothing can exist without being connected to it. It all comes from the spirit world.

This explains your depth too. The essence of who you are is not comprehensible through the eyes of the material world. It only sees the tiny aspect of you. This not only includes your status, body and looks but also your thoughts and ideas of who you are. Who you are is much greater and beyond all that.

We are constantly directing our awareness outwardly to the world. This is why we don’t see ourselves fully, because we are too much tuned to the material aspect of life. So much that it overshadows our experience. By directing our attention inwardly we move closer to the inner essence and begin to see who we really are.

In conscious awareness of yourself lies the opening into discovering the real you. Your greatness can’t be described successfully but it can be realized through direct experience.

18 thoughts on “The Essence of Who You Are

  1. Mathias your text is so beautiful!

    I think we are in communication with our spiritual essence the whole time also.
    That’s why we are often in conflict with our selves. The thoughts of our “earthly” selves is fighting with our spiritual selves. The depth of our selves has increadable wisdom, and it’s our wisdom. When we make bad choices for ourselves our inner selves says something else, and there is conflict in our head.

    We have great things to learn from our soul, and as I said it is our own self made wisdom, it’s just hidden deeper, in contrast to our outer selves thats more shallow and closer to the surface. Non the less the stylish and outer part of ourselves is surely beautiful, and an absolute beautiful part. It’s just when the outer part takes overly much space and forgets about the inner part, that it can become tough sometimes.

  2. Iv’e been thinking alot about “beeing” of late. I was so overshadowed over what I couldn’t do that I forgot what I could do. And it’s not so much about what I do, but what I be. I don’t think anyone is evil at first, evil is layer. Talking about evil I am also talking about the evil towards yourself, self loating and the many layers of dark thoughts. There is nothing wrong with starting over in life, you can rebirth many times in this life. Why not bring with you the things you like about yourself to your new life, and leave the bad behind? It’s better than suicede becaue in suicide you kill everything, as in spirituall rebirth with in this life you can bring everything good you have worked so hard on, with you. I found myself comferting a crying child at our school toady Mathias, I never intended anything. It was already obvious for me to comfort him until he stopped crying, in that case I was totaly aligned in my spirituall self perhaps, if I be so bould to state that.

    I think there is a fine line between your spirituall self and good exterior acts. Creativity. Im defenatly a big voter for material acts, especially when it arrives from the love within you, your spirituall self. I found it hard the latest years to view the soul as a mere void. Rather I want to think that the soul has colors indeed. But you will only find good in your soul. Darkness arrives out from a lost material path. Everyone gets lost on the path in life. But who were we? Who the hell were we?

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