The Miracle of Love

There is a place in your heart where everything falls into place. That place is love and you are carrying it with you all the time. It’s the reason why you exist. If there were no love nothing could be alive. Love is the secret ingredient to life.

Life comes through love and it is expressed in every possible way imagination can come up with. It always seeks to expand and grow to find new ways of being and creating. That is why life is so miraculous. It is made up by the greatest composer and you are part of it. You work like an extended hand which participates in writing the script of the masterpiece. That’s how important you are.

Love has made you and it wants you to further explore and experience the miracle of love and life. That is why you are alive. You are part of the greatest phenomena in existence. You are part of the expansive miracle of love.

You carry love with you in your heart all the time. You can always return to that to fill yourself with the truth of life. The truth is wonderful, wonderful beyond description and it’s found in you, deep within your heart.

3 thoughts on “The Miracle of Love

  1. You are amazing! Just found your blog and enjoy reading what you write, catching it between the words and allowed me to land – Thanks! Looking forward to reading more of what you write. With love Linn

  2. Hi Linn,

    Thank you for your comment. It makes me happy to hear your appreciation. It inspires me to continue to write more. Thank you!

    With love,

  3. Genious!

    Life is like a movie.

    I really think the truth is deep within your heart aswell. And most of the time it is to dark to see it for some (ex.c talking about myself ). But you have a feeling somewhere that it is there, some small half dead hope.

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