Rising Above Problems

Outer circumstances are temporary. They will in time change. We all know that our body will not live forever. It changes over time and will at some point cease to be. This is the nature of the material world. It’s how it works. It’s bound to time and change.

Problems come and go. When an old problem isn’t considered a problem any longer a new one pops up. It seems like all people are struggling to get to a point where all problems are solved. That’s an endless struggle because there will always be room for imperfection in the material world.

There is a problem-free state. That state isn’t reached by solving our difficulties or problems. Yes, problems are to be solved but life can and should be blissful regardless of our outer circumstances. When we stop identifying ourselves with our problems and difficulties we will gain the power we need to overcome and solve them. We are having this amazing life experience. We can’t spend it being in the grip of our problems. They are to be solved but until they are we need to rise above them so that they don’t drain us of power.

The Problem Free State

You are an eternal spiritual being existing beyond the physical world. It sees the illusion of the material world. By being aware of our own self all problems loose their importance and power over us. When we are aware of our consciousness and of life itself we can’t do nothing but enjoy the great miracle. Coming from this point we have the greatest power to overcome difficulties and to solve problems within the material world. The problem free state is always present within us. By loosing our awareness of it we might drown in the impressions of the material world and might also get stuck in the loop of trying to be content by it.

We can never reach lasting contentment from the material world. That’s ultimately good news because it will push us to look beyond it.

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