What is meaningful in my life? What do really matter? Thinking about these questions can be very powerful and transformational. Where goes my focus and energy? Life is happening, now what to do with it?

Indeed life can feel meaningless unless we focus and direct our attention to that which is meaningful. When we are following and aligning ourselves with that which is meaningful life automatically becomes wonderful. Meaning is what we are searching for, it gives us a sense of purpose. But are we really living life in such a way that that which is meaningful gets our focus and energy?

It would be wonderful if the answer was yes. We should always aspire to make life more meaningful by putting more of our focus and energy to that which really matters and put less focus and energy to that which really isn’t that important. After all we are having this amazing life experience. It is our choice what to do with it. Why waste it on things that don’t really matter?

Changing Patterns

We don’t need to live as we currently are doing. There is another way. Every moment is a potent life-changer. In any moment we can choose to walk in a new direction and leave old patterns behind.

Doing that which resonates with our hearts is the right step to take. Then we will act from a deeper source within us that has the power to infuse meaning into our lives.

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