You Are a Spiritual Being

The physical creation is spirit in disguise. Spirit takes form and the world is born. The same relationship is true to you and your body. Your body is not who you are, it’s only a temporary manifestation. You are a spirit soul that exists eternally beyond the material world.

Being Lost

Without a clear connection to and awareness of our spiritual self we become lost in this world. When we are lost it’s like dreaming an uncomfortable dream without knowing it’s a dream. We live through our senses and are not aware of what’s beyond them and therefor drowns in all impressions from the material world. In this state we are stuck and are trying to get things in certain ways with the belief that it will make us happy and set us free. We are trying to change our outer circumstances when it’s our inner state that determines how we feel and how our experience will be.

Being Free

Freedom is in the spiritual dimension which is found by looking inwardly. To wake up from the uncomfortable dream we need to step out of the false identification with our bodies and our minds and realize our self beyond the material world.

When we at all times are conscious of our true self nothing in the material world can move us. Being fixed in transcendence we are living from a place beyond it and therefor it has no power over us.

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