The Miracle of the Now

Everything changes in the material world. In fact every moment is a totally new moment. Even if you have seen a flower a thousand times before, looking at it again will be a whole new experience. A child lives in this way. They live in a way as if what they are doing is the first time they have ever done it. It’s a great secret and it is true, it is the first time, always. The now is always new. That is why children are excited and happy because anything that comes to them are of interest. It means something to explore, something to experience, something to interact with, something to play with. We can live our life in this way too. That don’t mean that we become childish but it means that in the curiosity for life we become childlike again.

There really aren’t a multiple of moments, there are only one, this one. With the knowing of the constant change and newness within the now we can always change with it in a positive direction. It is our choice what to do with it.

This moment is amazing just as it is. Children are amazed about every moment, it is a miracle to them. We can also see the miracle, and we will do when we enter the now.

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