Loss Is a Great Spiritual Lesson

Nothing is harder or more painful than loosing something we love. It could either be fame, a position, relationships, money, health or something else that matters to us. When we experience lack or loss we grieve and can’t believe why it’s happening to us. In the midst of the sorrow of loosing something we love we can’t see that it is of any good. It only feels painful and wrong. How can there be any good about it?


The material world is bound to time. Everything in it has a beginning and an end, it is not lasting. Sooner or later we have to leave everything we have here so why not now?

Experiencing loss will ultimately push us to this realization and it will push us in a new direction. It will show us that what we are looking for is not in the temporary physical creation but in the eternal spiritual world. This is the greatest spiritual lesson we can have. Sometimes to learn the most we have to go through the most difficult lessons. Once they are passed we will feel that it was worth it. Loss is a suchlike lesson.

Loss deepens us, it makes us see from a new perspective. Many successful people have experienced a great degree of loss and sorrow because of it in their lives. It brings something to us and out of it inspiration arises. Look at the word inspiration, there is an explanation in the word itself: inspiration, in spirit. To have inspiration we have to be in spirit and that is what the lesson of loss will show to us. It will help us look inwardly to our spirit instead of only looking outwardly to the world.

To be fully liberated we need to be unattached to the material world and not cling to anything in it. Loss teaches us unattachement and helps us in our path of liberation. What seems to malefic will eventually turn out to be something benefic for us. Death is a good example of this. It is the last loss before our liberation from the material world. It might seem malefic from our current point of view but I am sure it will be of greatest good when the time is right. That is not to say that death by itself automatically will set us free. Self realization will set us free and if we are not self realized at the time of death the quest continues.

Spiritual Connections

We have spiritual connections with souls that we are together with in this lifetime. We have in many cases most likely also experienced many life-times with some of them before. To loose someone close to us is probably the most difficult loss. It is tough to say but we have to know that this is how it works on planet earth. We also have to remember that it’s temporary. The love we have for souls that we are deeply connected with will continue to be. True love will always be. It is above the temporary quality of the material world. Our lifetime here at earth is nothing compared to our eternal existence. We will have many opportunities to meet again and we are always connected through spirit.

The Lesson

Our soul never looses anything. It’s because we don’t know who we are that we experience loss. That sense of loss will ultimately push us and help us to see who we are beyond the material illusion.

There are always something good with everything that happens to us even if we can’t see it. It is as the Ying & Yang symbol; even in the dark side there are still a dot of light within it. Where ever we are the light is always accessible.

If you have something, enjoy it. If you loose something, let it go. This is the nature of the material world, it’s how it works here, it’s temporary. Look for the eternal love beyond the physical creation and you will find what you really are looking for.

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