Willpower Is the Key to Make Intentions Manifest

The Power of Will

Willpower is required to do everything we do. In order for us to even move our hand up in the air willpower is required. Without willpower we can’t do anything. It is willpower that makes things happen. The world is happening because of a higher will. It is the greatest creating power there is. You have that power too. Else you would not be able to read this. With this knowing I ask you: what will you do with your life?

Actions Is Required

Even though we are spiritual beings we live in a physical world and are having a physical life experience. Our material existence seems so hard and limited and it is. In other worlds and dimensions other standards are valid. It is a great spiritual practice to live in such a limited world as this. It’s a beautiful thing from this situation come back to the realization of our power which is limitless. When we see it from a spiritual perspective the hardness begins to loosen. The limitations of the physical world will begin to loosen when we start to use our willpower. It will lead us to action. Action is required and willpower is what will make it happen.

Make Your Dream Happen

If you really want something you will do what ever it takes to get it. That’s the power of will. It is the guiding power that pushes you with energy and makes you keep walking and finding new paths and new ideas to reach your goals. Maybe it looks impossible but the power of will is so strong that it can make the impossible possible by constantly pushing you forward. With this power you are being taken to new positions that makes you see everything from new angles. In this way you are constantly being provided with novelty. Novelty is important, it means something new, and that is what you are looking for. Your dream will come true when you start using the power of will. It is the final step in manifesting your desires.

4 thoughts on “Willpower Is the Key to Make Intentions Manifest

  1. That’s actually a good question. Worth thinking about. You can choose to personify this force if you want but that is to go deeper. I see will power as a force that can and is being used all the time everywhere in creation. Will power in itself is not the deepest level. It’s a force being used. It’s like a tool for creation. So the cool guy you are talking about might not be the force but the one who is using it! (Although the force is his energy.)

  2. I see your point, though I was mostly making fun of the fact that you split the word willpower in two, making it sound like a person :)

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