We Are not Alone

Having this life experience in this material world can often feel very lonely. Even if we have people around us it’s only we ourselves who feels the way we do. I remember a time when I felt very lonely. I was driving my car on empty roads free from traffic in the forest. I was actually going to a village about 30km (that’s about 18 miles) away to buy food. (That’s how it is when you are living in a rural area in northern Sweden). It was a very special kind of loneliness, I was thinking about my life and a thought came to me, that I would like to share my exact experience with someone else, meaning that I would like others to feel exactly what I felt at that moment. Not to be with me in the car but to have my experience fully, like being me. I had many strong feelings, it was sadness, loneliness, beauty and happiness all mixed together at once. The music that I was playing in the car stereo and the nature around me amplified all emotions. It was beautiful. I couldn’t understand that only I was having this experience. I was so amazed that this was only given to me. It was a very emotional moment in my life. I asked why that was so and a conversation began. I was being told that this is not the case. There are many who are having my experience, higher parts of my own being that are my higher self and other beings as well. We are truly never alone. We are together with and are being supported by higher parts of our being and by other beings as well, and yes, they know what we are experiencing.

I never want to smack beliefs into somebody, so of course this is my personal realization. I just felt I wanted to share it. Process it in what ever way you find is appropriate.

One thought on “We Are not Alone

  1. Thank you Mathias for nice essay.
    When I am travelling, for example from Copenhagen to Bankok. There is a presense there with we, not travelling. I call it my silent witness.Also giving me ideas how to proceed.
    To end this comment I´d like to add my definition of who I am:

    “I am a holografic expression of the entire universe wich is manifesting as a continium of probability amplitudes for time-space events in the field of infinite possibilities.”
    My unconditional love

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