The World as We See it Is a Reflection

What we perceive in our life experience is a reflection of ourselves. Everything we look at, experience and feel is our version of it. It’s not that we see it as it is, we see it as we see it to be. We are in that sense co-creating it. We are the wholeness and the level of realization of it determines how the reflection will look like. This means that we are not seeing the whole picture as it is until we fully are ourselves. We see it through how we are at the moment of seeing it. It’s a reflection. This is how we co-create our reality. In order for our circumstances and relationships to be harmoniously aligned with what we want we need to harmoniously align our relationship with ourselves first. Then automatically circumstances and relationships will be in harmony with who we are and what we prefer, it will reflect that back. That’s why Mahatma Gandhi said:

“We must be the change we want to see in the world.”

It’s not that we need to change the circumstances and our outer reality, it will change instantly when we become who we are. Why is that so? Because we co-create the world and it is manifested in the way we are, it’s a reflection. Don’t look in the reflection and think it needs to be changed, look at yourself and change. The reflection can’t do anything but change with it.

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