Surviving the Human Psyche

The most dangerous thing currently present on our planet is the human psyche. Watch the news and you will understand what I mean. It’s not only responsible for the terrible chaos and dysfunction it creates on a collective level, it’s also responsible for our personal disharmony and suffering within our own life experience. The two go together; what’s on the individual level is what makes up the collective. To achieve lasting peace and happiness both individually and collectively we need to heal the root of the problem. The root of the problem is lack of consciousness resulting from false identification with the illusory mind-made sense of self. When this false identification happens our human psyche runs our life instead of we using it for what it is, a tool.

Your Mind Is a Tool

You are not your mind, it’s only a tool. As a matter of fact it’s a wonderful tool. It enables us to think, perceive ideas and decode things in the material world. We can’t live here without it, we need it to be able to put food in our own mouth, still this article is entitled “Surviving the Human Psyche”. Let me explain why.

With too much attention on our minds we are falling in the great suffering trap of humanity. We loose ourselves and drowns in the mind-made picture of how everything is. It also, and this is what’s most dangerous, makes us believe that it’s who we are. When we are at this level it runs our lives. The tool has taken control. Of course, a tool without anyone controlling it can be very dangerous.

Beyond Our Mind

Seen from the minds perspective life can be hell. It has so many beliefs that limits and thinks that it has to do everything itself. It think it’s in charge and tries to do a job it’s not designed for.

Our real self is beyond our mind. Our mind is a part of us, but it is only a part, it’s not our whole being. There are higher aspects of our being but through false identification with our mind these are not seen and are not fully channeled into the material manifestation.

How to Survive the Human Psyche

To survive the human psyche we need to step out from our identification with it. We need to transcend the mind, that means to go beyond it. It’s not that we have to stop using our mind, it needs to be used and it’s nothing wrong about using it. What we need to do is to start observing it. Observing it means that we are conscious. It means that we are stepping out of the identification and have our eyes opened which let’s us see everything from a higher perspective. This opens up a new dimension. Our dream in thought is observed and our eyes are being opened. This will let us see the world in a new light. When this transformation happens our minds will loose their grips around us and we will feel free. All limitations and false beliefs our minds are making up will loose their importance and will no longer affect us. From this free state we have the potential to be who we are and it enables us to create a life and a world we wish to live in.

One thought on “Surviving the Human Psyche

  1. Hi,
    This is really hot and heavy stuff.It makes think of a speech of Bashar:

    Higher self – Conceives; allow to experience

    Fysical brain – Recieves (fysical reality)

    (peronality + belief systems)- Perceives (what has happened)

    The belief systems in the mind is probably the reason why witness reports from, for example, a car accident can be very divergent.One can use the unwanted feeling in order to get rid of belief systems by asking oneself “What belief system makes me feel bad about this situation” and the belief system will then disapear as being aware of same.
    At last please note that the mind is not designed to having anything to do with the future. Being in touch with the higher self is far less tirening. Hoping to not have been to long and didactic. Thank you, Mathias, for inspirational blogg !

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