Inner Happiness

There will always be room for a negative or critical view within the material world. That’s how the material realm is, it’s fallible, but it’s only fallible until we balance it by bringing the spiritual quality to it, then it becomes whole.

We are here to balance the outer material with the inner spiritual. We do this by being ourselves and in that way allow ourselves to be channels in which the inner can manifest itself in the material world.

Our view of the world can either be negative or positive depending on our state of consciousness and how we choose to see it. Even the most beautiful house with a perfect garden and amazing views could be negatively criticised and not enjoyed. That’s how the material world is. It all depends on us. We think we are finding the joy in the material world and that’s to some degree true but it’s only temporary.

Real happiness lies within and don’t require any circumstances to be in a certain way. It’s all about our state of being, our state of consciousness. We can choose to be happy at any time. It’s all within us.

The more lost we are in the material world the more trouble we are having with finding joy and happiness because we believe we have to find it out there when it always is right here right now.

Never loose you inner happiness. Once you acquired the power to be happy and not be negative you will not loose yourself in the material world again, not even if you became a multi-millionaire.

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