Exploration of the Now

Our current life experience is to see the now from a certain perspective. The now is always the same, we are only looking at it from different perspectives. It is not that we change the now to be something else, it is always how it is. When our circumstances are changed we are still living in the now but seeing it from a different perspective. How wonderful it is, at every moment, to explore all infinite possibilities the now has for us. The question might arise why we are seeing the side of the now as we are, especially when going through difficult times. There’s always good reasons behind everything. We need to see the goodness that is hidden there and trust that what is happening is happening for a good reason. We are always given the experiences that are needed for us to awaken. It doesn’t matter if they feel good or bad. For us to be able to awaken we might need to be shaken until we realize that we don’t need to live the way we are doing. It is often in terrible or horrifying situations people change the most. For example when someone looses a kindred or going through a crisis. This often after a time becomes a turning-point. It deepens us and makes us see what really matters.

We Choose the Effect

At every moment, whatever we experience we choose whether it will be positive or negative. It is entirely our choice, no matter the circumstances we always have the power to choose what it will do for us. The effect it will produce could either be positive or negative. It is not the circumstances that controls us it is how we are, think and what we do about it that determines what effect we will get out of it.

Accepting this Moment as it Is

This moment is already full in itself. There’s nothing that needs to be added to it. When we are conscious and really sees this moment as it is we will discover the miracle of life. When we awaken to the now we are simultaneously taken to a state where all power lies. It is from this state everything is created and it is from this state we have the power to be who we are and transform our lives to our preference. To accept what is don’t mean that change is not possible. It means that we are taken to a state of consciousness where we feel and see the divinity of life. This allows us to be who we are and by that our life experience will change instantly.

2 thoughts on “Exploration of the Now

  1. Hi Mathias,

    Nice and wise wording. I like especially to be reminded of the
    all infinite possibilities the now has for us.It gives me the possibility to follow my excitement and feel free.
    Thank you Mathias for sharing

    • Thank you for your nice comment. What a lovely realization you got out of being reminded of this. Knowing that gives us freedom. Thank you for your sharing as well!

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